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Commonly Asked Dog Health Questions

Dog health questions arise constantly if you're a new dog owner.And even if you have had your dog for many years, questions of pet health continue to come up from time to time. Some of the most common dog health questions are those that come up repeatedly, especially if your dog is not in peak

The Best All-Weather Dog Breeds

Among the variations in dog breeds, which can include size, body shape and temperament, coat type can be an important factor. Dogs can have long, shaggy, thick, curly, short or no coat whatsoever. These factors are often influenced by where in the world the breed originated. An all-weather breed is

Why Do You Crop a Boxer's Tail?

Had William Shakespeare"s Prince Hamlet owned a Boxer puppy with a natural rear, his world-famous monologue might have started like this: "To crop or not to crop: that is the question." Tail docking is an emotional topic, both among animal rights activists and traditionalists. While many European co

The Essentials for Adopting A Cat or Dog

It's an awesome decision for a prospective pet owner to bring a dog or cat into their world, something to be celebrated. Pet ownership is a low-risk, high-reward venture, and it's a wonderful feeling to give a forlorn animal a loving home.

How to Grease Oster A-5 Clippers

The Oster A-5 clippers are designed especially for tough animal grooming tasks. Although the heavy-duty clippers are used by many professional groomers and are built to withstand tough hair and nails, constant use will wear down the blades and gears. If you are constantly using your Oster A-5 clippe

Safely Buying Dogs For Sale Online

The whole world knows the UK loves its pets. The vast majority of UK residents greatly appreciate what animals have to offer humans. We love our animals from the horse to the tiniest kitten or puppy. Our respect for animals can be seen everywhere. There are many organisations set up for the protecti

How to Get Your Dog"s Attention

When I first started obedience training my dogs, the training instructor, who was a German immigrant, told us that when he was in Germany, his father taught him how to drive oxen. He said that his father told him "The first thing you have to do is hit the oxen over the head with a two-by-four t

Natural Dog Diet: Making the Switch to Raw Food

Making the switch to a natural dog diet can be really difficult, especially if you have a picky little beast like mine. If it doesn't like something, it'll just poke it around and find something better to do, like take a leak on your car for example. That type of behavior should never be t

Medications Used for Dog Pneumonia

Pneumonitis is infection or inflammation of the lungs. If the infection causes fluid to build up in the lungs, the dog has pneumonia. With prompt treatment--which includes the right medications--your dog will have a good chance of recovery.

Dog Beds - The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly

People often wonder what is the best dog bed for their pet, as not all dog beds are made equal. From a 2kg Chihuahua or a 40kg Akita, they all need a comfortable spot to rest their bones. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a dog bed.

How to Protect Dogs From Parvo

Parvo is a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus that affects dogs. Here's what you can do to protect your dog from parvo, including how to decontaminate an area exposed to parvo.

The Effects of Fish Oil on Dog Food

Fish oil has benefits for bones image by Janet Wall from Fotolia.comFish oil supplements were once thought of as holistic care for animals, according to Veterinarians are now using fish oil to treat certain ailments in dogs so regularly that it is considered...

Protecting Your Dog: Dog Door

A pet especially a dog is very popular and dear to human being. Since age old we hear the story about the faithfulness of a dog. There is also a saying 'faithful like a dog'.

Get Your Pup an NFL Cheerleader Dog Dress

NFL dog cheerleader costumes are a great way to get your favorite team lots of attention. Just imagine how cute she will look when walking around in a NFL cheerleader dog dress with your team's logo on it. She'll steal the show and have everyone you meet stopping to take a second look and

Boarding Kennels in the Titusville, Pennsylvania Area

Finding a boarding kennel for your pet can be a big concern.Dogs at local park; pug image by Tawana Frink from Fotolia.comWhen planning a vacation where you cannot take your dog, where to board him may be a concern. There are a number of boarding kennels in the Titusville, Pennsylvania,...

Characteristics of Popular Types of Dog Tracking Collars

These days, electronic devices aren't just for humans to use. They are also utilized on our furry friends to ensure that they are safe. Whatever the type, model or brand of tracking collar you choose for your pet, it only proves only one thing: You love your pet and you want to see it even if i

How to Tell the Sex of a Puppy

At first glance, it is difficult to determine the sex of puppy, but you can easily figure it out through a quick visual inspection of the puppy"s genitalia. Dogs are mammals and therefore have either male or female sex organs. When determining the sex of your puppies, try your best not to distress t

Choosing That Perfect Dog Bed

A good dog bed will ensure your dogs physical and emotional well being. Be sure to consider your dog's size when shopping around for that perfect dog bed. Young pups increase in size very quickly so it would be ideal to get a larger dog bed than needed.

How to Teach Basic Obedient Training to Your Mini Schnauzer

Since the miniature Schnauzer is a happy, intelligent little dog that likes to please its owner, teaching one basic obedience will not be difficult. Before you can begin to teach the "stay, sit, down and off" commands, you need to set yourself up as pack leader and socialize your dog at an early age

Crate Training As a Puppy Potty Training Technique

One of the toughest times a new puppy owner has to go through is when you first bring your puppy home and have to potty train him. Crate training takes some discipline, but it's well worth the time and effort in the long run. It is probably the best way to potty train your puppy, and it will co

Heat Therapy for Dogs

If you have ever soaked in a warm bath or used a heating pad, you understand the calming and relaxing effects of heat. This effect is the same for dogs that are exposed to heat therapy. If your dog has arthritis or other conditions that cause aches and pains, heat therapy is an option. There are var

How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Dog owners get a lot out of spending time with their pets: loyalty, unconditional love and lots of fun. However, dogs need a lot in return. Therefore, before making the commitment to a dog, it is advisable to consider a number of things. Thinking dog ownership through carefully, will ensure that you