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Dog Behavior Training - Do Not Allow Your Dog to Do This

So you have just adopted a new puppy and you are so happy and proud to be a dog owner now. But the reality is the happiness will probably be short lived, and will end once your puppy started performing its first act of mischief. Maybe it will start chewing your branded shoes.

How to Tell the Sex of a Puppy

At first glance, it is difficult to determine the sex of puppy, but you can easily figure it out through a quick visual inspection of the puppy's genitalia. Dogs are mammals and therefore have either male or female sex organs. When determining the sex of your puppies, try your best not to distress t

How to Protect Dogs From Parvo

Parvo is a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus that affects dogs. Here's what you can do to protect your dog from parvo, including how to decontaminate an area exposed to parvo.

How to Help Dog With Itchy Skin

Dog allergies are fairly common and can be the cause of dry, itchy skin.If your dog is scratching a lot, he could be suffering from environmental allergens like pollen and dust, or even from inflammation caused by flea bites.

Natural Dog Diet: Making the Switch to Raw Food

Making the switch to a natural dog diet can be really difficult, especially if you have a picky little beast like mine. If it doesn't like something, it'll just poke it around and find something better to do, like take a leak on your car for example. That type of behavior should never be t

Crate Training a Puppy - Keep it Simple

Crate training a puppy is an easy way to keep track of your new little rascal, making sure he isn't using every corner for a bathroom, and making chew toys out of anything he can sink his teeth into. Getting him used to his crate can be a game, just like everything else in his puppy world. Toss

Choosing That Perfect Dog Bed

A good dog bed will ensure your dogs physical and emotional well being. Be sure to consider your dog's size when shopping around for that perfect dog bed. Young pups increase in size very quickly so it would be ideal to get a larger dog bed than needed.

Heat Therapy for Dogs

If you have ever soaked in a warm bath or used a heating pad, you understand the calming and relaxing effects of heat. This effect is the same for dogs that are exposed to heat therapy. If your dog has arthritis or other conditions that cause aches and pains, heat therapy is an option. There are var

Guide to Adopting a Dog From a Shelter

Tips and advices on adopting a dog from a shelter. If you are considering adopting a dog from a shelter, there are some important facts you should know.

The Effects of Fish Oil on Dog Food

Fish oil has benefits for bones image by Janet Wall from Fotolia.comFish oil supplements were once thought of as holistic care for animals, according to Veterinarians are now using fish oil to treat certain ailments in dogs so regularly that it is considered...

How to Pick Dog Barking Devices

Dog barking devices are tools to stop the noise.They may not be the best option.If you use a dog control gadget, here are some of your options.

AKC Regulations Regarding the Sale of Puppies

The American Kennel Club is the most highly recognized kennel club in the United States. Once a puppy is registered with the AKC, it is eligible for a range of shows and activities endorsed by the club.

Boarding Kennels in the Titusville, Pennsylvania Area

Finding a boarding kennel for your pet can be a big concern.Dogs at local park; pug image by Tawana Frink from Fotolia.comWhen planning a vacation where you cannot take your dog, where to board him may be a concern. There are a number of boarding kennels in the Titusville, Pennsylvania,...

Medications Used for Dog Pneumonia

Pneumonitis is infection or inflammation of the lungs. If the infection causes fluid to build up in the lungs, the dog has pneumonia. With prompt treatment--which includes the right medications--your dog will have a good chance of recovery.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Biting & Growling

Dogs act aggressively because of fear, insecurity, territorial impulses, frustration, protective instincts, pain or illness. In some cases, aggression is even a learned behavior, and you will need to evaluate your own responses to your dog's attitude to discover the source of his aggression. Unfortu