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Dog Training - Tips For Dog Obedience School

It may be that you have brought a dog in your residence and have also learnt that it due to its own breed is more intelligent than others. What should do you after that? Will you start thinking that there is no such necessity of training? The dog is so intelligent that it will obey your commands wit

How to Start a Chihuahua Rescue in New Jersey

Chihuahuas have become really popular because of starlets toting them around as fashion accessories. They are more in demand than ever. Unfortunately, they are also being abandoned in record numbers. All dogs breed rescues, but if your past experience with dogs is mostly with Chihuahuas, then consid

Puppy Care & Feeding

When your dog has puppies, the mother will do the caring and feeding work at first, but she could use a little help from you. The mother needs proper nutrition in order to feed the pups. Help her by bringing her food and water so she can stay with her puppies. Offer the mother food and water every t

Dogtra Element Collar Training to Come When Called - Part 1

No matter is you are training your dog for hunting or just to be a well-mannered part of your family, we all want our dog to be energetic and ready to work for us and respond fast to our commands. Learn how to collar train your dog.

Von Willebrand Disease In Dogs

In humans, bleeding is caused by trauma and maybe genetics while in dogs, bleeding is caused by a disease - the Von Willebrand Disease. In this article, get to know the Von Willebrand Disease and find out what it does to your dog, how a dog catches it, how to prevent it and all the things that you n

Get Your Dog a Pet Safe Wireless Fence

If your dog is playful and active, and you want to give him the freedom of running around your yard even when unsupervised, you might be worried that your dog might ran away and get exposed to all the dangers outside the yard. What you can do to solve this problem is to get your dog a pet safe wirel

What Is the Lifespan of a Sheltie?

The Sheltie, or the Shetland Sheepdog, is a type of herding dog. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), a Sheltie is akin to a miniature version of a Collie.

How to Teach Basic Obedient Training to Your Mini Schnauzer

Since the miniature Schnauzer is a happy, intelligent little dog that likes to please its owner, teaching one basic obedience will not be difficult. Before you can begin to teach the "stay, sit, down and off" commands, you need to set yourself up as pack leader and socialize your dog at an early age

Dog Beds - The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly

People often wonder what is the best dog bed for their pet, as not all dog beds are made equal. From a 2kg Chihuahua or a 40kg Akita, they all need a comfortable spot to rest their bones. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a dog bed.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Biting & Growling

Dogs act aggressively because of fear, insecurity, territorial impulses, frustration, protective instincts, pain or illness. In some cases, aggression is even a learned behavior, and you will need to evaluate your own responses to your dog's attitude to discover the source of his aggression. Unfortu

Medications Used for Dog Pneumonia

Pneumonitis is infection or inflammation of the lungs. If the infection causes fluid to build up in the lungs, the dog has pneumonia. With prompt treatment--which includes the right medications--your dog will have a good chance of recovery.

Boarding Kennels in the Titusville, Pennsylvania Area

Finding a boarding kennel for your pet can be a big concern.Dogs at local park; pug image by Tawana Frink from Fotolia.comWhen planning a vacation where you cannot take your dog, where to board him may be a concern. There are a number of boarding kennels in the Titusville, Pennsylvania,...

AKC Regulations Regarding the Sale of Puppies

The American Kennel Club is the most highly recognized kennel club in the United States. Once a puppy is registered with the AKC, it is eligible for a range of shows and activities endorsed by the club.

How to Pick Dog Barking Devices

Dog barking devices are tools to stop the noise.They may not be the best option.If you use a dog control gadget, here are some of your options.

The Effects of Fish Oil on Dog Food

Fish oil has benefits for bones image by Janet Wall from Fotolia.comFish oil supplements were once thought of as holistic care for animals, according to Veterinarians are now using fish oil to treat certain ailments in dogs so regularly that it is considered...

Guide to Adopting a Dog From a Shelter

Tips and advices on adopting a dog from a shelter. If you are considering adopting a dog from a shelter, there are some important facts you should know.