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Raising a Teacup Poodle as a Pet

If you live in an apartment or condo, a teacup poodle may be the right pet for you. However, the decision to bring a teacup poodle puppy home makes knowing how to take care of it very important. Teacup poodles are a toy breed; they have fragile bones and are prone to injuries and certain health prob

How to Promote Hair Growth in Dogs

Even the most beautiful of dogs can look mangy if her hair starts to thin. Factors such as improper grooming, disease, age, parasites and an unhealthy diet can cause your dog to start shedding hair. Some problems require a veterinary visit and special medication to treat, while you can treat other p

Medications to Treat Dog Kidney Failure

Renal failure, more commonly known as kidney failure, can occur in any dog regardless of age, breed or gender. Early detection can be the key to treating renal failure properly. Treatment and medications depend on the cause of the kidney failure and vary from dog to dog.

My Two Dogs

I have always had a dog in my life. When I was born my mom had a black lab. Later when that dog died shortly after another puppy was brought home. Recently I bought a house and it didn't feel quite right not having a dog so I decided to get a dog.

Cisapride for Dogs

Cisapride is a drug in the benzamide class, and while it aids in treating gastrointestinal tract disorders, it does not increase gastric acid secretion. The drug is used in treatment of many animals, including dogs, for speeding up the movement of food through the digestive tract.

Characteristics of Popular Types of Dog Tracking Collars

These days, electronic devices aren't just for humans to use. They are also utilized on our furry friends to ensure that they are safe. Whatever the type, model or brand of tracking collar you choose for your pet, it only proves only one thing: You love your pet and you want to see it even if i

How to Crate Train Your Pit Bull

Crate training your pit bull is a good idea not only for housebreaking purposes, but also to give you a place to safely keep him when you are away from home. Pit bulls are highly intelligent dogs who tend to get in trouble when left unattended because they can get bored quickly. Crates are also hand

Constipation or Diarrhea in a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

If you've got a miniature schnauzer puppy, you'll find that you've got an intelligent and loyal new addition to the family. You might also find that there are times when your newest family member might suffer from either constipation or diarrhea and you'll have to play nursemaid to them. In most c

Choosing The Best Obedience School For Your Dog

While basic training can be a DIY project you can undertake at home, some people may feel it is necessary to locate the best obedience school for dogs to ensure that your pet gets the proper obedience and attentiveness training. Professionals can teach your pet a wide variety of things and help them

Dog Barking Sounds

It's funny because if I approached you and asked you what you thought about dog barking sounds you would probably think that I was mad. Most people think that dog barking sounds are merely the dog making vocal noises. But when a dog barks the sounds that it makes are a primitive level of commun

About Dog Training Collars

If your dog refuses to obey commands when wearing an ordinary collar, consider introducing a training collar. These collars will get your dog's attention by either offering a tug, pinch or shock. When used correctly, training collars can not only instill manners in a dog that lacks training, but pos

Dog Cystitis, Bladder Problems - Canine Health

Cystitis, comparatively, is a very common infection amongst dogs as well as humans and is more likely to infect females rather than males.Bacterial infection of the bladder is what causes bacterial cystitis in dogs and due to the shorter distance the bacteria needs to travel up the urethra to the bl

Vacation With Your Dog? 5 Tips If You Don't Want to Hire a Pet Sitter

Spending your vacation with your furry friend is not only possible, it could be fun, memorable and you can do it even if you feel being a little frugal these days. It is good thing to call in a pet sitter, if possible, to save your pet from the stress of traveling. A pet sitter will save you from su

How to Make Nutritious Homemade Dog Food

Since pet food is not regulated as strictly as human food, some people have decided to turn to making their own dog food to ensure a better quality. This way the owner is sure of what ingredients are being put in and can avoid any harmful substances while creating the ideal nutritious meal for their

How to Choose Dog Toys

Dog toys are not just a treat for your dog. You are not "spoiling" them by giving them toys to play with. Like a child that will act out and misbehave when they are bored, dogs use toys to explore, to entertain themselves and to interact with their human friends.

Home Remedies for Itchy Hot Spots on a Dog

Aloe vera can provide relief from hot spots.VALE 100_2317 image by THIERRY BURDIN from Fotolia.comCanine hot spots are also called moist eczema or moist pyoderma. They are characterized by painful, itchy red patches on the skin and hair loss. Hot spots frequently occur during the summer...

What Is a Well Socialized Dog?

No one wants an unruly or aggressive dog around. Dogs without good manners are annoying at home and are unwelcome in public. Dogs that have been trained and exposed to other dogs and people have good social skills, their behavior is not problematic and they are welcome in public places.