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How to Care for Dogs in Cold Temperatures

No dog lover likes to leave their dog outside when the weather is cold. Even though dogs have fur that helps them to stay warm, it is safer for your pet to keep them warmer and more comfortable when they have to brave the cold weather.

Hunting Dog Training

There are forms of hunting which are now illegal in the UK but some forms of hunting are not. Bird hunting seems to be a popular hunting sport for dogs and handlers. Hunting dog training is a lengthy, time consuming process which at the end is very worth it! You have to be completely dedicated and w

Connecticut Spay Law

Connecticut law states that all cats and dogs that are adopted from a shelter, pound, or other such facility must be spayed within a specified amount of time by the person adopting the animal. Spaying not only limits the number of unwanted cats and dogs, but protects them from medical complications

My Dog Is Losing Hair & Is Too Weak to Move Around

Every dog owner wants his dog to live a long, healthy life. However, this requires a great deal of care, knowledge and vigilance. Dogs can suffer from a variety of health problems throughout their lives, including a combination of hair loss and weakness. While the most logical solution is to see a v

How To Choose A Dog Trainer

With so many dog trainers out there, it can be hard trying to choose the best one for your dog.Trying to determine which dog trainer is the best qualified to train your dog can be a difficult task.

Teacup Yorkie Puppy Information

Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies for short) have become a popular dog breed because of their small physique and inquisitive personalities. The American Kennel Club (AKC) standard stipulates that a Yorkie needs to be 7 lbs. and under. Some breeders have taken liberties with that standard and breed Yorkies

Why Do You Crop a Boxer's Tail?

Had William Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet owned a Boxer puppy with a natural rear, his world-famous monologue might have started like this: "To crop or not to crop: that is the question." Tail docking is an emotional topic, both among animal rights activists and traditionalists. While many European co

Safely Buying Dogs For Sale Online

The whole world knows the UK loves its pets. The vast majority of UK residents greatly appreciate what animals have to offer humans. We love our animals from the horse to the tiniest kitten or puppy. Our respect for animals can be seen everywhere. There are many organisations set up for the protecti

Commonly Asked Dog Health Questions

Dog health questions arise constantly if you're a new dog owner.And even if you have had your dog for many years, questions of pet health continue to come up from time to time. Some of the most common dog health questions are those that come up repeatedly, especially if your dog is not in peak

How to Get Your Dog's Attention

When I first started obedience training my dogs, the training instructor, who was a German immigrant, told us that when he was in Germany, his father taught him how to drive oxen. He said that his father told him "The first thing you have to do is hit the oxen over the head with a two-by-four t

Labrador Retrievers - The Most Family Friendly Pet

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds to be kept as pets. They are known for their gentle and loving behaviour and all the information on Labrador Retrievers will reiterate the fact that they are a wonderfully calm dog.

White Boxer Dogs: Returning from the Shadows

While looking for a Boxer dog, you may have been warned against getting a white one. If so, it's because white Boxer dogs have long been considered second-class members of the Boxer breed. Why?

How to Heal Your Dog's Loss of Appetite the Natural Way

For a dog, loss of appetite can often be the first indicator of a serious medical issue. Simply put, dogs eat less when they feel ill, so a healthy appetite generally means a healthy dog. The key to keeping your pet healthy is supporting good immune system function. The stronger the immune system, t

The Havanese, Dog of Cuba

The country of Cuba is the native country of the Havanese Dog, which was named originally after the brown color of the Havana Cigar.