How to Start a Chihuahua Rescue in New Jersey

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    • 1). Research what you will need to get a Chihuahua rescue group up and running in your part of New Jersey. This will be different depending on your town. This includes contacting New Jersey animal shelters, your local dog warden and your dog loving friends. You need to begin a network of people you can rely on in emergency situations.

    • 2). Volunteer at local New Jersey animal shelters to get a taste of what it's like. Talk to the workers about your goal and see what advice they can give you. If you live close to Philadelphia or New York, check those out, too.

    • 3). Come up with a name for your Chihuahua rescue. Make sure there isn't another New Jersey dog rescue with the same name to avoid confusion with taxes and paperwork. This will be the name for all legal documents, grant applications and tax records. Start keeping separate financial records for the charity. Keep all the expenses, bills, licenses from your personal finacial records.

    • 4). Register with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. If you don't make $10,000 per year in contributions, you have the choice of not registering. But in the long run, it's easier just to register. The application forms must include signatures of two of your helpers and a check or money order for the fee.

    • 5). Draft up a dog release form, so that you are legally entitled to keep the dogs you rescue. Also draw up an adoption contract and a long application form for potential adopters. To help you write these documents, look at the forms of the shelters you volunteered at and use them as models.

    • 6). Start a website for your rescue. You also want to work with in order to promote dogs you have for adoption and to ask for donations. Putting up articles about dogs in the news in New Jersey and about Chihuahua care will also help draw people to your site.

    • 7). Keep up with local events and local media to see where you can do some publicity for your charity.

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