Dog Beds - The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly

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People often wonder what is the best dog bed for their pet, as not all dog beds are made equal.
From a 2kg Chihuahua or a 40kg Akita, they all need a comfortable spot to rest their bones.
Here are a few things to consider when choosing a dog bed.
How big is your pet? Small dogs seem to prefer a soft nest style bed that they can snuggle up into, while larger dogs tend to like to spread out a bit more.
Rule of thumb when choosing the right size bed for your pet is to get one that is a length and a half of the animal, as this allows it room to stretch out if needed.
But don't get a bed that is too large as this will not keep your pet warm in winter.
Where will the bed be located? Is it to be kept in the laundry or on constant display around your house.
If it's in the laundry then get a raised trampoline style as this will keep your pet raised off the cool tiles.
If it's going to be kept in your living area then make sure it doesn't detract from your decor.
There are many beautiful designer dog beds on the market that can enhance your living space.
Leather beds look wonderful with antiques or wooden furniture.
Faux fur styles are not only a dogs favourite, but blend well with many decor styles.
Does your dog have any special needs? If your dog is older or has some health problems they may need a heated bed or one with low sides for easy access.
Arthritic dogs need a bed with added support or a higher depth of cushion.
How much should you pay? Don't be overly tempted by the offer of cheap pet products.
You truly do get what you pay for.
Beds with removable covers that allow for much easier washing and will last you much longer than beds without covers.
A slightly higher outlay in the beginning can mean much less over a longer period of time.
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