What Is a Well Socialized Dog?

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    • House training is the first social skill that should be taught a pet while it is still a young puppy. A well-socialized dog does not relieve itself in the house, in its crate or even in a yard unless it has been allowed to do so by its owner. An established routine with scheduled times and places for the dog to relieve itself is the quickest way to house-train a dog to socially accepted standards.

    No Excessive Barking

    • There is nothing more annoying than a dog that whines or barks excessively when it wants food or when someone comes to your home. Although barking alerts an owner of danger or strangers, a well-socialized dog listens when it is told to stop. If you are unable to stop your dog from barking or whining, there may be anxiety or fear issues you need to address to bring it in line.

    No Jumping

    No Aggressive Behavior

    • Reigning in aggressive and uncontrolled behavior is a key aspect in training a well-socialized dog, as it is necessary for the safety and well-being of other dogs and people. Dogs should be trained to sit when commanded and not chase, attack, dominate or display any threatening actions at home or in public. A well-socialized dog should be content to sit in the midst of people and other dogs without unruly or aggressive behavior.

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