How to Train Miniature Schnauzers

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    Leash Training Your Schnauzer

    • 1). Purchase a collar and leash for your miniature schnauzer. Make sure the collar fits snugly enough so he will not be able to squirm out of it, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.

    • 2). Allow your dog to get used to his new collar. Place it on him while playing or eating. This way he will be distracted and not as likely to notice the strange new object around his neck.

    • 3). Introduce the leash after your schnauzer has grown accustomed to the collar. Clip the leash onto the collar and allow your dog to run about the house or yard enjoying his new attire. He will probably play and tug with it. Don't leave him unattended with the leash on, however, as he could get hung up on something and injure himself. Repeat the leash procedure for short intervals throughout the day until he is comfortable with it.

    • 4). Pick up the handle end of the leash and hold it loosely. Walk around the house or yard, letting your dog follow along with you. He will naturally want to follow you, so use this to your advantage. Praise him frequently. This will encourage him to repeat whatever earned your approval.

    • 5). Teach your dog to walk slightly behind you, at your side. Remember, you are the alpha dog, and as such, you are the leader and deserve to walk in front. Do not allow your schnauzer to run ahead or pull on the leash. Hold the leash tightly and perform a sharp, quick pull on the leash if he tries to run ahead. Issue a stern "No" command as you pull on the leash. Use the treats to reward him when he walks correctly.

    Teaching Your Schnauzer Some Basic Commands

    • 1). Hold a treat in your hand over your dog's head when teaching him to sit. Command him to "Sit." Usually he will sit as you move your hand over and to the back of his head. This forces him into a sitting position. Should he need further encouragement, push down gently on his rear with your other hand. If he attempts to jump up, issue a stern "No."

    • 2). Reward him with the treat when he sits on your command, whether assistance is needed or not. In a short time, the word "Sit" alone will be all that is needed to have your schnauzer sit.

    • 3). Command your dog to "Sit." When he has obeyed correctly, reward him with a treat. Now, hold the palm of your hand up in a stop position and command him to "Stay." Back away slowly from your schnauzer, repeating "Stay, Stay, Stay." Speak in a calm, soft voice. Repeat this until he stays on his own.

    • 4). Issue an enthusiastic "Come" command while he is still sitting and staying where you left him. When he obeys, reward with a treat and praise. If he fails to respond correctly, tell him "Come" and lead him back to his original position to try again. He will be responding correctly in no time at all.

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