Dogtra Element Collar Training to Come When Called - Part 1

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No matter is you are training your dog for hunting or just to be a well-mannered part of your family, we all want our dog to be energetic and ready to work for us and respond fast to our commands.
We especially want our dog to come when he or she is a distance away from us.
The Dogtra training collar is a great piece of training equipment that can help you achieve that result.
The collar is safe and you can make great corrections with your dog and not need to be by him.
You can adjust the intensity of the stimulation from a distance away as well to adjust for distractions your dog may be experiencing.
The best thing about the element is using it to encourage desired behavior from your dog.
You want to set the stimulation to be high enough so your dog notices it but not too high that it disrupts his actions.
Your dog can learn to react in response to the collar and by his decisions can control the collar.
Using the e collar is gentler than using traditional methods such as a choke collar.
You will have immediate communication with your dog while training and will help him or her have a great attitude with you and increase the speed of learning.
Even if your dog has learned obedience you will want to reintroduce him to all the obedience commands with this collar and not skip any section.
You will find that your dog gets excited when he learns what you want from him and he will be eager to do the steps again and again.
Step 1 is to fit the collar on your dog.
It should be snug on his neck that the prong are touching his neck but so that you can fit your fingers between his collar and neck but not so loose that you see a gap between the contacts and his neck.
He needs to wear this for a few hours at a time for several days before training.
It needs to become a part of what he is use to having on his neck.
You will never leave the collar on the dog for more than a few hours because collars left on too long will cause irritation where the metal prongs touch and rub on the skin.
You do not want to just put the collar on the dog when getting ready to train though because your dog will become collar wise and learn that the only time he has to listen is when the collar is on.
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