Natural Dog Diet: Making the Switch to Raw Food

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Making the switch to a natural dog diet can be really difficult, especially if you have a picky little beast like mine.
If it doesn't like something, it'll just poke it around and find something better to do, like take a leak on your car for example.
That type of behavior should never be tolerated, nor should it being fussy when it comes to mealtime.
However, it's important that you remember that they're just animals, which is why we're still needed when it comes to selecting a healthy dog diet for them - so be patient.
If you're still stumped as to how to make the transition run smoother, here's a tip that you could put to good use: start off slow with one type of food only.
You don't want to make the most common mistake the majority of pet owners do, which is basically doing the opposite (obviously).
With that said, a good protein source you may start off with would be chicken, as there has been positive feedback pinned to it, props to it being cheap and easy to obtain.
Be sure to include bones with plenty of meat on it, and continue the feeding the particular part (like a quarter leg) for a week or so.
This not only ensures a smoother conversion towards a natural dog diet, but cleans your pet's teeth at the same time as well.
That in turn lessens the amount of bacteria building up in its mouth, therefore preventing the rise of other ailments, such as periodontal disease.
Also, another essential detail to take note of is to avoid mixing the raw meat with the usual commercial brands it's accustomed to eating.
The chemicals and preservatives found in the latter need to be taken out of the picture as soon as possible.
Moving forward, you don't have to start off with chicken.
A natural dog diet can always begin with beef or pork as its main protein source if you choose so, but most importantly, if your pooch prefers the two better.
As mentioned earlier, continue feeding him that one type of dog food for a week or until the appetite has improved and is finally accustomed to the given menu.
Never mix different raw meats during the first week: during this period, its digestive system is still sensitive and needs to make the proper adjustments beforehand.
Doing so will result to you bringing your pet outside frequently for dumps.
Next step is to add something new to the menu, such as a new source of protein or an organ like a heart or liver (yummy).
Again taking it slow is important, or you'll be having problems with the furry guy defecating uncontrollably all over the place.
Remember that consistently and gradually increasing the amounts of raw goods and then adding variety is key when it comes to an easy and not to mention safe shift to a natural dog diet.
It'll most definitely take time, but your efforts will be well rewarded in the end.
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