2nd Most Common Dog Training Mistake

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Back in the 80's, I landed my first job working with dogs.
I worked as a security patrol dog handler at a large inner-city hospital that was in one of the worst neighborhoods in the state.
The training back then was extremely harsh.
Training consisted of choke collars, prong collars, electronic collars and NO TREATS! For some strange reason, some trainers still train today using extremely harsh and cruel techniques.
I definitely think that electronic collars have a role in dog training - it's just that the foundation for all of your training should be based on trust and POSITIVE reinforcement, because using negative methods will effect your dog.
NOT using loads of positive reinforcement is the second biggest mistake that I see.
Training should be based on positive reinforcement.
Spend eight to twelve months reinforcing your dog's behavior with treats, praise and toys.
You'll be amazed at how your dog responds and remembers the commands.
The first step in dog training is teaching your dog attention.
Start by having a few treats in your hand.
Say your dog's name and then hold the treat up by your eyes.
You want your dog to get in the habit of looking into your eyes when you say her name.
As your dog gets better at looking at you start to hold the treat for a few seconds.
Then increase the time to ten seconds.
When your dog successfully does this increase the time a few seconds more.
Within a few days your dog should be able to hold eye contact for at least thirty seconds.
If you tried doing this by force your dog will start to resist and it could get ugly.
Spend twelve months punishing your dog's behavior with overuse of an electronic collar, scruff shakes and harsh tones and see how your dog responds.
You'll be amazed at how grouchy your dog becomes.
Don't be surprised if your dog develops a serious aggression problem.
Once a dog has developed an aggression problem, it is very difficult to bring him back from the dark side.
As the great Jedi Master Yoda said: "But beware.
Anger, fear, aggression.
The dark side are they.
Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny (or your dog's).
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