How to Teach Basic Obedient Training to Your Mini Schnauzer

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    • 1). Act like a pack leader. Little dogs are especially prone to "taking over" if they sense that you are not in charge. You may be tempted to let bad behaviors slide by because your mini Schnauzer is so cute, but this is not going to teach him basic obedience. Consult the Dog Whisperer website on becoming a pack leader.

    • 2). Socialize your mini Schnauzer puppy from an early age. Introduce your puppy to strangers (adults and children), other pets, and unfamiliar situations and surroundings. Learning and performing basic obedience will be easier for your dog if it is not distracted by unusual and sometimes frightening things in the environment.

    • 3). Teach your mini Schnauzer to sit by holding a treat by your dog's nose and moving it back over its head. Your pet will lift its chin and drop its bottom to reach the treat. As soon as its rear hits the floor, treat your pup and say "Good dog, sit." Repeat this action until your pet sits on command.

    • 4). For "down," place your mini Schnauzer in the sit position and move the treat closer and closer to the ground, pulling it forward as you go. Your pet will lower its body. As soon as its belly is on the floor, praise and treat. If this does not work, sit down next to your pup and bend your knee. Lure your dog through the hole created by your leg and treat him as soon as the down position is made.

    • 5). To teach "stay," put your dog in the down position. Show it a treat and then take a half-step backward with your empty hand out, saying "Stay." If your pet stays, praise and treat. If not, put it back in the down and start over. Once your mini Schnauzer gets the idea, take more and more steps backward before treating it for staying.

    • 6). Teach your dog the "off" command by crossing your arms and turning your back whenever it tries to jump up on you. If this doesn't work, grab its paws (don't squeeze) and hold on until it tries to pull away. Let go immediately and give the "off" command. Tell your pup to sit and praise him lavishly. Your mini Schnauzer will quickly learn that sitting, not jumping, gets your attention and a reward.

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