Vacation With Your Dog? 5 Tips If You Don"t Want to Hire a Pet Sitter

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Spending your vacation with your furry friend is not only possible, it could be fun, memorable and you can do it even if you feel being a little frugal these days.
It is good thing to call in a pet sitter, if possible, to save your pet from the stress of traveling.
A pet sitter will save you from surprise dog troubles and shocking pet fees.
Some establishments don't even allow pets inside their premises.
However, if you want to set aside the pet sitter option, it is time to pack up your pet kit.
Here are some time-tested and cost-saving suggestions; Plan in Advance 1.
Plot the Eating Stations Plan your trip ahead by marking pit stops as to where you could stop by.
To save on fast food costs, prepare picnic food before the trip like fruits, beverages, of course your doggie pack, and cool water from home which your dog can use to drink to prevent illness.
Also remember to never leave your dog alone in the car - there's too much danger of heat stroke and death in a closed car.
Research on Gas Saving Solutions This one is a big must when it comes to trips even if you don't go with your pet.
We all know that gas prices are really on the rise every now and then.
To save gas and of course save money, you could plan ahead of time to search the internet for cheaper gas stations that are along your route.
You would want to save as much as you can on trips.
Prepare the Right Stuff for the Pet Kit Pack paper towels in case things get a bit messy, and bring extra plastic bags along too.
Be over-prepared, if anything.
You have to plan on stops for your dog.
Since you are saving as much as you can for this trip, the last thing you would want to do is get fined for not picking up your dog' mess.
Make Lodging Plans If you plan on staying on a specific hotel, a cruise ship, or if you want to camp outdoors, call ahead and ask if the establishments willing and able to accommodate your dog.
You don't want to be shocked arriving in the hotel just to find out that they don't allow pets inside.
Some may try to suggest finding a kennel for your pet and even some cruise ships have kennels on board.
Plan the Activities for Your Pet Now this part is just an extra, it's optional.
You may or may not do this.
Once you are in the place where you are going to spend your vacation, look for doggie activities around the area, some of those activities won't even cost you much.
Most cities have dog parks where you dog can run off some energy as well as interact with other canines.
By preparing and following a set of rules, you have no reason not to enjoy your vacation with your pet.
If you decide it's too much work and hassle to take your pet along with you, the pet sitter option is always there.
Enjoy your vacation!
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