Choosing That Perfect Dog Bed

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Most dogs have different sleeping patterns compared to us humans.
On average a dog usually sleeps up to 12 hours a day.
Of course, not all at once, but bit by bit throughout the day or night as they snooze and lay around the house.
With that being said, a good dog bed will ensure your pets physical and emotional well being.
Be sure to consider your dog's size when shopping around for that perfect pet bed.
You need to ensure that your pup will have enough space on his dog bed to sleep on.
Measure your dog while he is standing up from nose to tail.
Add an additional 12 inches to the length and you should be able to get an estimate of how large a pet bed is required for your pet.
Also consider your dog will need growing space.
Young pups increase in size very quickly so it would be ideal to get a larger bed than needed.
Many dogs have several different sleeping areas.
It is also normal for a dog to choose a warmer spot to sleep on when the weather is cold.
Therefore, you would want a bed which is easy to move around.
There are dog beds that are delicate and can be worn out easily.
They become a flimsy mess after a while and like an old tattered pillow.
A good bed will have a strong support layer that will comfortably handle the weight of your pet.
Be sure to check how much weight the dog bed can take and compare that with the weight of your pup.
Recently orthopedic pet beds have been introduced, these are specially designed for ultimate dog comfort.
These beds are not cheap.
If you really want to keep your dog in the best of health and prevent joint problems, I would highly recommend that you consider an orthopedic dog bed for this purpose.
Most of all remember these few rules and you can't go wrong in choosing the right dog bed for your dog.
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