Commonly Asked Dog Health Questions

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There are a number of pet health questions that you may encounter with your dog throughout his/her life.
Being prepared by feeding your dog a healthy diet, and being able to recognise some of the signs of sickness will help you maintain your pet dog health.
Knowing what types of nutrients to feed your dog, and how to deal with diarrhea, constipation and fleas are all dog health questions that you may need to educate yourself on.
Here are several of the most common dog health questions, together with some answers to assist you.
How to deal with constipation in your dog: This is one of the more common dog health questions that many people will face at some point in time.
The most common cause of constipation is an unbalanced diet in which a lack of fiber causes a build up of drying feces.
Adding a teaspoon of fiber to their usual meal will help increase their fiber intake and eliminate the build up of drying feces.
If the constipation does not clear in a few days, you may need to take your dog to a veterinarian.
How to deal with diarrhea in your dog: This is a serious pet heath question because diarrhea can become a concern to your pet dog health if it goes on too long.
You have to become worried about dehydration and further complication if it drags on too long.
You can help the problem by feeding your dog white or brown rice with their usual meal, along with giving them an over-the-counter remedy.
How to deal with fleas on your dog: Fleas can be the bane of your dog's life.
They are nasty creatures that live on, and feed off your dog.
They are highly contagious, in that if one of your pets contracts fleas, all of your pets will become infested within a very short space of time.
How do you prevent fleas?Or get rid of them if you haven't succeeded in preventing fleas on your dog?Most pet owners resort to chemical preventatives and treatments, but more and more pet owners are turning to natural flea treatments that, when used consistently, can be just as effective in treating fleas as their chemical counterparts.
- Especially if your dog is otherwise healthy, is bathed from time to time, and is eating a healthy diet.
Which brings us to the next two dog health questions: 4.
How regularly you should bathe your dog: Dogs can be placed in water as often as you would like them to be as long as you don't use any kinds of soap.
If you are giving them bath and washing them with shampoo or soap, human shampoo or soap can lead to an imbalance of sweat with dogs and hurt your pet dog health.
Even when using dog-specific soap, no more than one bath every few weeks should be given.
What is the best food choice for your dog: This is one of the more difficult dog health questions to answer because there isn't necessarily a correct answer for everyone.
There are certain foods that are not good for any dogs.
Avoid store-bought foods that contain by-products of any kind in them.
Such commercial dog food is undoubtedly the worst food you can feed for your pet dog's health.
The best natural dog food is raw meat and other raw food as the primary food source for your dog.
Some dog owners are reluctant to feed raw meat and bones, so a very high quality convenience natural dog food is an alternative, as is cooked meat with perhaps a little rice, cottage cheese and even some eggs for a varied protein source from time to time.
Taking care of your pet dog health is absolutely vital to increasing your dog's lifespan.
Everything from what to feed your dog to how to handle fleas, diarrhea and constipation are all important.
If you're not sure of the answer, don't hesitate to look online (see below) or ask your veterinarian your dog health questions.
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