Positive Reinforcement Is The Best Way To House Train An Adult Dog

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Dogs are intelligent animals.
If your dog has learned that it is OK to toilet in the house and you want to find the best way to house train an adult dog, then you have come to the right place for advice.
Dogs learn quickly when they want to - both good habits and bad.
The first step you should consider when you want to house train your adult dog is that trust and respect need to be established.
If he is peeing and pooing in your house, he needs to know it is wrong, but not expect to be physically punished.
Take the time to bond with your dog before trying to train him.
Training will be far more effective if your dog feels he is doing something to please you rather than because he is afraid there will be a beating if he doesn't get things right.
Fear may also be counter-productive, as there will be more chance of him having an accident through nervousness.
The best way to house train an adult dog is to use positive reinforcement in the form of praise, affection and treats on the occasions when he has successfully gone to the toilet outdoors.
When accidents happen, stay calm and ensure all traces are cleaned up properly, taking care not to use cleaners containing ammonia, which closely resembles the scent of urine.
It can take a little longer to house train an adult dog, depending on breed and temperament, as opposed to a puppy, but the methods are pretty much the same - frequent and regular trips outdoors, especially after meal times etc..
, zoning the areas where your dog is allowed in the house during training, the reward of more freedom around the house as the effects of training take hold etc..
Above all else, you should consider the three P's (pun intended!): Patience - because house training dogs can be frustrating Perseverance - because if at first you don't succeed, try, try again And last, but by no means least POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT - because love is a better driving force than fear.
Well, that's my view of the best way to house train an adult dog.
I don't claim to be one of those highly paid experts, but over 30 years experience of owning (and loving) dogs has to count for something.
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