How to Crate Train Your Pit Bull

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    • 1). Choose a crate that is large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in. He will need to be able to stretch out for sleeping as well.

    • 2). Place the crate in an area where people in your home spend the most time. Your pit bull should feel like he is part of the family, rather than being crated in an empty room. Place bedding such as newspapers or puppy pads in the crate to protect your floor and give him a soft spot to lay.

    • 3). Feed your pit bull in his crate. This will cause him to see it as his special spot rather than a bad place.

    • 4). Remove the food from the crate after feeding is over and wait 10 to 15 minutes before removing him from the crate.

    • 5). Take him outside to the designated area for bathroom breaks and issue a command, such as "go potty." Offer praise if he does eliminate and bring him back indoors for some supervised play time. If he does not eliminate, place him back in the crate for 15 minutes before trying again.

    • 6). Continue taking your pit bull out once an hour and issuing the bathroom command each time. When elimination occurs, reward him with praise and play time. If it does not, he will need to return to the crate. This is not a punishment, do not tell him he is a bad dog. This simply teaches him that eliminating outdoors will lead to a reward while not eliminating does not.

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