AKC Regulations Regarding the Sale of Puppies

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    The Facts

    • The AKC is a kennel club that tracks, or registers, around 140 different breeds of dogs. Dogs that are registered receive certifications that vouch for their pure-blooded status.


    • The AKC was created in 1884, when members of the Philadelphia Kennel Club decided to create a nationwide club.

    Registration Requirements

    • To be eligible for an AKC registration, a puppy must come from a dame and sire of the same breed and are AKC registered.

    Puppy Sales

    • When puppies eligible for an AKC registration are sold, the breeder must disclose that information to the buyer. The breeder should supply the buyer with the forms needed to register the puppy, complete with the AKC information for the parent dogs. The breeder can also register whole litters before sale.


    • AKC registration does not guarantee the quality or personality of a puppy. Individual characteristics like attitude, physical appearance and reactions to a situation can all vary widely, regardless of a puppy's breeding.

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