How to Pick Dog Barking Devices

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Dog barking devices are tools to help quiet excess barking.
We all know that dogs bark, that's just what dogs do.
Have you noticed that all that barking doesn't seem to bother the dog at all? That's because it doesn't.
Many dogs seem to really enjoy making a racket.
Too much of that noise, on the other hand, can drive humans right to the edge.
Here are some of the tools you can turn to.
Often a shock collar is the first thought when a bark control device is mentioned.
No doubt electronic anti bark collars work.
They usually do stop barking, and quickly.
But they usually only work as long as the collar is on and charged.
Most dogs can sense that the collar isn't working and they certainly know when it's removed.
Then the barking starts back.
Here's the other problem with shock collars.
Many dogs go into panic mode when the shocking starts.
The shocks drive them crazy.
I can understand that, can't you? Also, many dogs become very nervous and unstable after a shock collar is used.
All in all, a shock collar seems like a bad idea.
Other collar options seem to work just as well or better.
For example, the ultrasonic collar generates a sound that's unpleasant to the dog but inaudible to people whenever barking starts.
That seems fair...
to fight noise with noise.
These seem to be about as effective as shock collars.
Then there is the citronella collar.
Dog barking triggers a sensor that squirts oil into the dog's face.
That's a bit shocking, but not harmful.
It's not just the surprise that stops the barking either.
Citronella oil is stinky and unpleasant to sensitive noses.
That's enough to make most barkers shut up to stop the stink.
It isn't necessary to resort to electrical shocks to stop dog barking.
Often, just a change in how you deal with a pet can stop excess barking.
If not, one of the dog barking devices can be a useful tool to stop the noise.
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