Protecting Your Dog: Dog Door

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A pet especially a dog is very popular and dear to human being.
Since age old we hear the story about the faithfulness of a dog.
There is also a saying 'faithful like a dog'.
Further dog is very useful as a security guard of our house.
During night the security guard can go to sleep but the dog will instantly know the slightest sound of any intruder.
So keeping all these points in view people prefer to keep the dog as a pet in their house.
As it serves double purpose - a friend to give you company in your loneliness and to guard your house as well.
Though we feel like keeping dog as a pet in our house there are so many reasons because of which we feel unsure.
Due to urbanization the size of a house is shrinking all the time.
Instead of a lawn, courtyard we have simply some balconies in multistory flats.
We cannot keep our dog in our bed room or kitchen and not even in dining room.
We can afford only the balconies for our dog.
But keeping in balcony is also a problem.
We cannot tie the dog all the time as it will feel restless.
If we keep it open it will roam in all the rooms.
May be when the main door is open it can leave the house and get strayed.
So in such a situation how can we protect our dog so that it can remain safe and do not feel neglected also.
Here an appropriate dog door made of mesh - so that the dog can see the owner all the time and does not feel neglected is very useful.
After giving food we can keep the door closed from outside.
We can take him for a walk in the morning and evening in which period he will do his natural calls also.
Even if the house is big enough we do not prefer that our dog should roam around everywhere and keep the room dirty.
So a specific area is meant for our dog where we can put the do door.
Dog doors are available in the market but we can also order according to our requirement.
Using a proper dog door we can protect our dog and feel relaxed.
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