The Essentials for Adopting A Cat or Dog

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It's an awesome decision for a prospective pet owner to bring a dog or cat into their world, something to be celebrated.
Pet ownership is a low-risk, high-reward venture, and it's a wonderful feeling to give a forlorn animal a loving home.
It's the kind of thing that makes the world a better place.
That being said, there are some essentials for anyone looking to get a pet.
Consider the following: 1.
Whether there are rules against owning a cat or dog at a residence: Some landlords don't allow dogs.
Some don't even allow cats.
That's understandable on both counts, as few dogs can be cooped up in an apartment or small for hours on end, and cats occasionally wreak havoc with their claws on walls and blinds.
That says nothing of the excretory mess pets can leave.
It's better to check the guidelines ahead of time rather than risk a fine, eviction, or having to give a new pet up to avoid those fates.
Whether it's possible to make a lifetime commitment to an animal: Few things are as sad as an animal shelter after the holidays, when gifted pets often get dumped off and abandoned.
To be clear: Adopting a dog or cat shouldn't be an impulse decision.
It shouldn't be a lark.
It's a lifetime decision that involves a living being.
Anyone who can't handle this probably can't handle owning a pet.
They certainly shouldn't.
Whether a pet can be afforded: Pets generally cost the most upfront.
Even adopting from a shelter or pet business can run about $500 between adoption fees, shots, and a deposit at one's apartment.
From there, animals are fairly cheap, particularly indoor ones with food and toys maybe $20 a month give or take.
That being said, there are incidentals like checkups and vet visits, costs that can increase as animals age.
Whether the collateral damage is worth it: In a sense, animals are a bit like children.
Have them around and some stuff is probably going to break.
Cats are apt to use furniture as scratching posts.
Dogs knock over lamps.
Turtles chew blankets (I think.
) For an avowed bachelor, adopting a pet might mean they're out $15 if stuff gets wrecked, but for the posher crowd, contingency steps may need to be taken.
What items will need to be purchased: If someone were starting from scratch on adopting a pet, they might need to purchase the following: a food dish, a separate water bowl, a bed, a litter box and poop scooper, a leash, a carrier, toys, a laser pointer, a scratching post, a cat tree.
Maybe they'll need the services of a dog trainer at some point.
The list goes on.
It's surprising how much animals can benefit from.
That being said, none of this is rocket science.
Best wishes to anyone looking to adopt a pet!
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